Eiffel Tower

I spent a few days being a tourist, it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of fashion week. Of course the Eiffel Tower was my first stop. It was slightly windy so the top of the tower was closed, I was definitely bummed about that. I did get to go to the second level and the view was still incredible.

I was like oh shit I'm really in Paris! I don't think it hit me until I looked at the city from the Eiffel. The first two days were a whirlwind of nonstop action, I didn't really take it all in until this day.

Top: H&M / Dress: Vintage Victor Costa / Clutch: Vintage from Fran / Boots: Mulberry

Even though we took a day off from fashion week, I damn sure wasn't gonna take a day off of being fabulous haha. In true Carrie Bradshaw fashion I wore this vintage ball gown just for the hell of it. I'd never worn these booties for an extensive period of time, they're pretty comfortable so I thought I could walk in them all day. Epic fail lol!!!! I didn't bring any backup shoes either. I'm a heels kinda girl so I basically wore heels everyday while in Europe. I have a Napoleon complex, not even cobblestone could make me abandon my heels.

But my feet were hella throbbing, I walked a mean walk through the pain haha, I knew they hurt but no one else did. Accept Trisha, we took these pictures after walking all day. I was like am I wearing this pain on my face? The struggle was mad real.

I've been very minimalist for a few months now, but vintage is such a huge part of my style DNA. I found some amazing vintage in Paris & Italy...which made me rethink the direction of my style this winter. While it's easy to stick to clean no fuss looks, vintage just makes you look and feel a little more luxe. This vintage Victor Costa dress is so beautiful, I get so excited when I find great vintage. I literally remember the day I got this dress. I almost didn't bring it to Paris but I'm glad I did!

I think this look goes perfectly with the Eiffel in the background. Looking through these photos reminds me of how beautiful Paris is. I see why it's called the city of love. The views alone had me falling in love...but I won't front, it's so expensive there. I guess beauty does have a cost, but in this case, it was definitely worth it :)

I swear like every door was extravagant. I mean like an office building door was dipped in gold or painted in rich colors with insane detail. Every five seconds I'm like look at that door. One day when I build my dream house it's gonna have a Paris inspired front door. My neighbors are gonna be like who the hell does she think she is haha. Oh well, that's the beauty of being an individual, you don't have to care.

We found some awesome gift shop stands around the tower, especially this wonderful lady who let us try an assortment of cognac. When I tell you it was delicious...man I had to buy two bottles. One was a gift and the other was for me because I needed a whole one for myself. I don't even drink that much, well outside of wine, but when I open this bottle it might be a rough night. I'm probably going to drink every drop, it's that good, and that's why it remains unopened haha. This was one of the best days of my trip, I can't wait to visit again soon.