Eclectic Variety

Well well well, I never thought I'd be comfortable in flats, especially a pair with a platform sole. I've made it a priority to buy flats because I literally own 1 pair outside of sneakers. Which has proven to be a pain in the ass because it gets slick out in the winter time. Can't really wear heels and having only 1 option for flats, means I have no options at all.

I stalk street style images and I love how Europeans make flats so chic. My brain seriously finds it hard to conceptualize looks that don't involve heels. But just like with everything in life, this will take some getting use to. These shoes are from Zara and I thought I was gonna have a hard time figuring out how to wear them. I literally came up with this look in 15 minutes...actually quite shocking!

I just bought this sweatshirt, and when I pulled down this skit and noticed the hint of orange on both pieces, as well as the contrast in texture, I knew they'd work perfectly together.

Photography: Ksenia

I never smile in pictures. As I've said many times before my fake smile is horrible! So if nothing is funny it's best that I don't pretend. I think that has a lot to do with me being one of those people who wear their expressions on their face. My friends are always telling me to fix my face, a lot of times I'm just thinking, I guess my thinking face is equivalent to "resting bitch face." I promise I'm nice haha...just don't judge me by my facial expressions.

I had to point out me smiling in this post lol, I actually smile and laugh a lot. Anyway, I got this skirt years ago from ASOS. It's so dope and at the time I'd seen nothing like it, although, sitting down is sometimes a task because the fish scale sequins are made of plastic. That's the only real flaw in it's design, it's actually not bad to walk in.

One of my favorite 2015 collections is Burberry Prorsum Resort. I loved it from top to bottom, it had a little bit of everything I love rolled up in one. Look 10 especially because clearly I'm thinking along the same lines as their chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey haha. I'll tell myself that even though he's a genius and I am not.

But it's interesting to see a piece like this dressed down, and by that I mean not worn with heels. This skirt is more versatile than I initially thought. The sweatshirt has flower shaped jewel embellishments throughout the front, they kinda shimmer which compliment the sheen of the sequins. Little details like that really pull pieces together.

Well it's Friday, I have so much going on today I hope I'm able to get it all done. I have some exciting stuff I'm working on so I need to be in full focus mode this weekend. I'm the queen of the scramble...not really a good thing but it's important to know how to get the job done and not fold under pressure. I hope you guys have an awesome weekend xx