What I love about working with creatives is organic collaboration. When I told Ksenia I wanted to get back into video content, I wanted to do something different than what I'd already tried. My initial ideas were slightly different than what resulted when I received the final video. Dreamworld couldn't have been a more fitting song to add to the narrative I started developing in my mind. I actually love that, allowing the end product to speak to me and determine where I'll go with the content. It's more real to me that way and it also allows me to create freely. So let's dive into where I'm going with Dreamworld. 

I decided to get into character. How many of you have times when you think to yourself, "man does he realize what a lucky guy he is?" Or maybe you think about teaching him a lesson. Hell, maybe you need to remind yourself of how bad you are, so you know you ain't tripping. If these things cross your mind, this dreamworld video expresses that in such a smooth way, however I'm definitely biased.

Forget about the fuss, drop your bathrobe, slip on your dress, and hit up that mirror right before you walk out the door. If only in your mind, bring yourself back to the confidant woman you are. The light that shines through when I opened the door, is the same light we all should walk towards when we gotta pull our shit together! Relationships of any kind have a way of swaying our intent, if we're not focused on the key to keep them lasting or to let them go...ourselves.

This is a reminder not to let any circumstance dim that light.  Always find your way back to it, walk confidently towards it, and remain a lady in the process. Practice pulling it together in you mind, create a dreamworld, until your reality follows suit. It's up to you to know your worth and require it from others.

Special shout out to my babe for unintentionally being the mysterious male figure that I used to articulate this dialog. Appreciate it haha.

Video Production: Ksenia