Down Time

Photography: Denisio Truitt

Ok so even though I'm a lover of fashion, it doesn't consume my life! Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it's just a small part of my world that I enjoy sharing with you. I enjoy my down time just as much as I do my social life. Spending time with my son, or lounging around watching football, or even taking an occasional "me day" which is crucial for mom's so we don't go insane. Are parts of my life that you may not always see on the blog, but are a big part of what keeps me grounded as a person. This blog has created the perfect outlet for me and I love connecting with you guys <3 But it's important that I take the time to share things about me that's outside of just an outfit post!!! I've met some pretty amazing people in this process and reconnected with some old friends too. I'm so grateful for that, it's important that you surround yourselves with people who support you and help you dream bigger!!! I'll be the first one to tell you that I'm an imperfect person in a lot of ways, my friends will probably second that haha. But the beauty of being human is that you live and you learn right?!?! So for this post I decided to make it less about the fashion and more about the person, however, don't get use to this sentimental talk OK!!! I just want all of my readers to enjoy life and dream big. I'm happy to be taking this journey, which lawd has been a crazy yet rewarding one for me, with all of you!!! Remember that the little things make it all worth this video below that always makes me smile (hey that kind of rhymed lol)