Don't Kill The Fun

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My poor abandoned blog!!! I decided after returning from France and having so much on my mind. I needed to step away from blogging to figure a few things out. Between working full-time and blogging full-time. I arrived at a place where, although things were happening, I was unable to fully embrace them. As I stepped back I asked myself why? How could I be in the South of France and not be grateful? While I had an amazing time, I also felt extremely empty. I’m telling you this because maybe it’ll help you if you ever find yourself in this place.

As I evaluated my feelings I realized I was doing a lot of things wrong. So much so that my whole life was being dictated by the error in my ways. I was so focused on doing everything that I became stagnant. I wanted change so badly, I was making my life miserable by forcing things. Thinking more about the end result than the process.

Photography: Ksenia

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This hair flip photo is extremely appropriate because I realized the reason I was operating this way….I killed the FUN!!! If you’re wondering what that means I’ll elaborate. I forgot how fun it was to no know, or not care about failing, or what staying the course teaches you. Without the fun, so many areas in my life became work. I was working 24/7 and that surly isn’t fun.

Long story short, I wasn’t until I almost lost a very important person in my life that I realized that I had to make some changes. However, understand, I wasn’t pursuing these changes for that person. I realized that I needed to make these changes in order to achieve the goals I’d set for myself. Although this past month has been a painful one, it’s been the most revealing span of time I’ve ever experienced. I found the fun again, going forward I know how to keep it alive.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I’m back and better than ever!! I’m in such a great state of mind, I hope you guys are still rollin with me despite my lack of content lately. I’ve got some amazing plans for the blog :)

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I’ve experimented many times regarding the best way to articulate what I want this blog to represent. One thing I’m certain of is I’m more into lifestyle than fashion. I feel I’ve always shared more than just outfits over the years, but I’ll be expanding this by adding more video content. I’ll also be incorporating one post per week where we have a conversation, which will require your input if you don’t mind. What I hope to achieve during these conversations is an open dialog on how we can all move closer to our goals.

That sounds extremely self helpy lol, but hell we all need a little guidance. Who better to learn from and lean on than each other? I plan to share books, videos, and discuss topics that push us closer to getting the most out of life. I know that’s not standard for a “style blogger.” But I believe looking past external beauty and making internal fullness a priority makes a world of a difference. So I hope you guys are open to chiming in on those posts.

My first ootd video will go up later this week, can't wait to hear what you guys think xx