Don't Disturb This Groove

Welp, I basically botched a bantu knot out over the weekend and because my hair looked a hot ass mess. I was left with the task of figuring out what I'd do with it.

Tank, Fatigues, Hat, & Vest: Thrifted / Shoes: Steve Madden

Digging through a box of clothes I found a pack of braiding hair...and ladies and gents the light-bulb went off. I combed my wild afro into a high pony, a struggle high pony lololololol, and attached the braiding hair to it. For me hair is just hair, I've tried so many different styles over the years. So showing up to work one day with short hair and the next day having hair down my back is the norm. I'm an agent of change...I embrace change because we as people change all the time. Weather it be your mood, your hair, your mind, etc...change is a part of life. Especially for women because we're indecisive creatures lol.
I'm into the whole chic thing, but I also dig artsy looks. Actually what I really love is versatility. For me, a woman who's style is versatile says she's confidant and sure of herself no matter what she's wearing. I like to think I'm like that! So many people stereotype by someones appearance. While I understand it in some settings, I generally feel it's a closed minded thing to do. Self expression is a beautiful thing and most of the time "traditional" is boring. People want to see these cookie cutter images or live these cookie cutter lives and to me it's a load of crap, because life isn't cookie cutter. It's unique to each person and you should represent and celebrate those things that make you unique!!! Live your life for you and you'll always be happy. Because being happy is more important than money, fame, even success. Nothing can fill a void of unhappiness.
I say all this because sometimes I feel people forget how important being happy is. I say this also because so many people live according to rules set by others and not themselves. Anyway, I have love hate relationship with my outfits that are completely thrifted. I love it on my end haha, but I hate when I cant find similar items to suggest for you guys. I encourage you all to thirft tho...when you strike gold, you really strike gold. I've found some amazing things thrifting.

Alright that's all she wrote...I'll leave you with this, don't let anybody disturb your groove...march to the beat of your own drum xoxo :)