Design It

Two Piece: An original design made from an over sized thrifted suit / Shoes: Aldo (alternative)/ Clutch: Thrifted / Shades: Vintage (borrowed)
Photography: Trisha Penn

The best part about fashion is, when you cant find something to wear, you can create it! I loved the print of this huge suit I found thrifting. I held onto it a while, until I decided what design I wanted to transform it into. After some brainstorming I took it over to my seamstress and she brought my vision to life. Before and after pics are posted on my Instagram.

When I looked at this sequence of pictures, I thought man, you really look like stalker waiting at someones doorstep lol. I even got dressed up for him and he still gave me the cold shoulder haha. Such an asshole...That's ok, cause I had a mean strut down the stairs either way!!!

Ok enough of that....I swear New York doesn't have a street without scenery. In my former life I was a member of the Sex and the City cast. Technically I live In MD so I'm a fake city girl. But fake city girls need love too right !?!?! Seriously tho, I'm dilierious aka tired as hell so bye bye.