DC Prefer Versace

Jacket: Zara / Pants: Keepsake / Shirt: NY&C / Shoes: Sergio Rossi / Shades: Super
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy hump day folks! Lately I’ve been wearing a lot of loosely fitted clothes. When I saw this shirt it reminded me of Biggie’s Hypnotize video haha. I felt like Diddy screaming “take dat, take dat” while doing spastic like dances in front of video cameras lol. Love you Diddy! Now that spring’s showing up, I’m so ready to hit the scene and get into the happenings in DC. Hibernation is over!!! I become the energizer bunny when warm weather hits…maybe because I was born into the heat (summer baby). OMG, on a side and totally unrelated note…can you believe I found not one but TWO chin hairs growing out of my face??? WTF, now I’ll be like my granny asking my grandchildren to get the tweezers and pluck them out. AHHHHHHH I’m scared to remove them with fear that they’ll start colonizing on my face. I always knew I had too much testosterone in my body damnit. Anywoo, click play below and Diddy dance while I sit obsessing over chin hair :-/