DC Dining: STK

Every now and then you have one of those random really fun nights.


& I went to


a week ago, we were dying to try it plus it was restaurant week. I mean, when you can get a discount at a steakhouse you shouldn't pass it up in my opinion.

So basically while we were enjoying dinner, this older gentleman approached us and offers us a drink. Well, I may have suggested that he should haha. He was a certified MESS (in the best way possible), me being the dumb ass that I am. Thought this guy was hilarious so I encouraged his inappropriate behavior!

Low and behold he and his two friends get seated next to us, we HAD to join them lol. They were so in love with Trish and I...it was so cute, not to mention funny as hell. These guys had to be mid 50's and probably hit on every woman in STK that night.

We ended up with free dinner, more wine than we could handle, (let's be clear, that's a lot of damn wine cause we're professional wine drankers) and I personally didn't stop laughing all night!!!

It was thee most random yet fun dinner I've had in a while. The food is delicious too!!! You guys have to dine there, my shenanigans aside, the vibe is actually epic. The DJ was soooooo on point, people were dancing and having a ball. It's like the best of both worlds, you can eat good and low key party at the same time!! Basically it's my new favorite place.

These are a few shots of the food...and a shameless picture of what I wore. Only threw that in cause I got a little gust of Beyonce wind in this shot. Bitches love Beyonce haha xoxo