DC Dining: Central Michel Richard

The most delicious (and only) frog legs I've eva had!!! I even sucked the frog bones lol

These Short Ribs beat out my Sea bass but they both were damn delicious

I don't even like mushrooms, but these got devoured 

Restaurant: Central

Michel Richard 

Happy Friday!!! So Trish and I hit up

Central Michel Richard

last weekend and overall it was amazing. If you know me you know that I love to eat. People are often surprised about how much I eat lol, like Queen Latifah said in Just Wright, "I ain't no salad eating chick!" Hahahaha, I will say I'm severely narcoleptic after I eat tho, the itis is REAL!!! To check out a full review of Central, see Trisha's review


. A perfect weekend dining experience, and being that it's Friday, you guys should definitely swing by and check them out xoxo.