David Howell: Gramercy Loft

Lately I've been looking up interior designers/architects and bookmarking those I find inspiring.

Source: DHD

I came across David Howell out of New York and his work is pretty dope. I'm seriously considering investing in a loft. An open floor plan makes you feel in touch inside your home, I like that.

Scrolling trough DHD's site, I was particularly drawn to this design because of the terrace. Perfect for adult and kid playtime haha. Just the right amount of trees for privacy and the mix of wood and concrete projects a modern yet warm feel.

I must say, the interior of this space is masterfully done. From the lighting fixtures to the muted grey color palette, even the modern choice in furniture really works for me. Typically I'm into spaces with a modern/vintage vibe. I'd probably add a few character items just for kicks, but overall it's an amazing space.

These next couple of weeks I'll be posting more designers I'm into. One day you'll actually see all this inspiration go to good use in my new home xoxo.