Damn Pinterest


Ok so my love for avocado is too damn strong! Yesterday I was on Twitter and fellow blogger Nakia tweeted a Pinterest picture of an avocado grilled cheese sandwich. I lie to you not, I got off work and headed straight to the grocery store cause I had to make this happen. (See the mouthwatering picture and recipe I used HERE) And let's be clear, ya'll know I'm struggling to domesticate myself, so you know it's real if I went through the trouble to make this. I'm also obsessed with this food blog now, so Taste Spotting you have a new fan!!! As I walked around the grocery store like a fool searching for ingredients that were foreign to me, the employees kept starring at me like I was gonna bust out the door with a cart full of stolen food. Yes, let's just say this type of store is usually last on my to-go list. I seriously Googled some ingredients so I would have at least a clue of what isles to wonder through. Anywoo, I did make some minor alterations to the recipe. I swapped the tarragon with basil, used provolone cheese, and wheat bread. This sandwich is crack, so much so I decided to add hoity-toity candles and glass thingies in the background. Make sure you check out my new favorite blog Taste Spotting, hell I can't wait to try other recipes myself. Welp, I gotta go cause clearly I don't own a food processor so I chopped all the ingredients by hand = pain and almost a missing finger. ENJOY :)