Dress: Vintage (Thrifted) / Acessories: Vintage (Thrifted) / Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

Happy Friday lovers. This dress is one of those thrift store finds that make you wanna smack ya mama!!! I actually wore it last year, HERE, on a diner date with my mom. Although I thought about smacking her in honor of this dress, I gave her a pass. HAHA loves you mommy. It fits like a glove, didn't have to make any alterations. Which in my case is rare, due to the unfortunate fact I'm a size -0. We all want what we can't have right...that being thighs and the abs I use to have. So to compensate for the lack of having those things, I give you the only thing I have going for me....LEGS!!! Thanks to my baby calf muscle, I'm quite fond of the legs I once deemed "chicken, chicken...chicken legs" (In my greatest Project Pat voice) So get use to seeing them people. I'll be flashing them all spring and summer.
Anywoo, I'm working on some really exciting things. One of which I'll be talking more about in my next "Mama Diary" post!!! Have I told you how much I love you guys for reading my crazy ramblings lately???? Muuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh I appreciate every time you swing by and visit me!!!! Now...Turn Up this weekend my friends...hell I can't so somebody has to XOXO