Dress: Vintage gifted from #FransPlace / Shoes: Zara
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Friday!!! It's inauguration weekend woooo hooooo...My boo Barack Obama will be officially taking the throne. I'm proud to be an American lol. I hope Michelle doesn't come kick my ass for that "boo" comment. FLOUS got them guns you know. By the way I am LOVING her bangs, she's my hero. Anywoo, Sometimes I sit and wonder why I love vintage so much. I think it's the thrill of possessing things with so much history. My aunt gave me this beautiful dress and I could just imagine how fierce she was when she wore it!!! One thing I dislike about the fashion world is something you probably love...TRENDS. I really don't believe in them. I don't think your fashion sense or style should be determined by what everyone else is wearing. I love seeing someone say "F You" and walk around totally against what's considered to be "trendy."

For example occasionally I like to go out and party. Usually when I do so, I'm wearing a vintage dress while every other chick is in skin tight spandex. Now that might lead to crazy stares, however, I too use to be that spandex wearing club girl...but shit I'm grown now!!! Just like wine my taste gets better. I carry a certain level of class everywhere I go. Except at work where I often look quite homeless, I need maximum comfort while crunching numbers haha. Ladies and gents school is in session here at Be Loud Be You...lesson number one "class," never leave home without it. Have a stupid-dumb-fun weekend...cause I plan to. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee