Clam Before the Storm

Dress: La Petite Marmoset / Necklace & Earrings: Thrifted / Shoes: Miu Miu
Photography: Thanh Nguyen

Happy hump day!!!! Last night I was battling the elements in order to shoot these pics. I just beat the rain! However, it was the perfect shooting environment, the warm temp mixed with the cool breeze felt so amazing, I might not have cared if rain started pouring down....wait wait, I would've hauled a$$, my dress and hair getting wet...NO THANKS lol. Anywoo, I found this dress at the LPM showroom while I was shooting a makeup video, which I'll be posting soon! I knew I had to have it, can we say love at first sight. As the LPM girls laughed at me for always trying on clothes, over clothes...I hate getting undressed to try stuff on lol...I told them this one is coming home with me fa sho. I paired it with my second favorite shoe in my closet to add a little sparkle and this leaf necklace that I kind of love. I found it thrifting, for 2 bucks. I hope you all have a great day catcha lata XOXO