It seems like forever since I've been thrifting, which is pretty crazy because I use to go every other day. After moving I realized how insane my addiction to thrift was (and kinda still is). I won't talk numbers but you can assume if you're going damn near everyday, it's just as bad as retail.

Now that I'm somewhat not living out of boxes, I can actually see what I have. This whole outfit is thrifted, see this is how addiction gets you. I probably spent $40 on this look, and people this is good clean real fur!!! LMAO I can't believe I just wrote "good clean," that's an inside joke/term, I'm gonna let it ride out tho. (when you realize you've been hanging around someone too much haha) Anyway, I live in the historic part of my town so there's a lot of buildings with great character. I decided to shoot in front of this church because it flowed with the look I was wearing. It's one of my favorite buildings in the neighborhood.

I've been suffering from a case of writers block so my posts have been infrequent lately. Mainly because I've started to pick up a few projects I put on hold, so my mind is focused on them. Sometimes I wonder how I've lasted blogging, not for lack of content, because I rarely shut up. I typically reach a point where things hit their limit and I feel I've outgrown them. Blogging is proving I can commit to something long term hahaha! I'm such a dude.

I guess I'll talk about my outfit since that's a rarity on the blog these days. I always dress according to my mood, I'm starting to hate tight clothes. My pencil skirt obsession is too real, I'm not sure I own a skirt in another style. Lately I've been wearing a lot of loose fitting tops paired with fitted pants or skirts. I finished this look off with my go-to Costume National sandals. Sidebar, I'm so glad I have small boobs. I was going through images to see what I'm digging for Spring, basically anything with a low neckline makes me happy. That's all I got today xx

Photography: Ksenia