Top: Thrifted (Robe converted into a top) / Skirt: Thrifted / Shoes: BCBG

Long time no see!!! I know I've been MIA over the last week but I'm back nah haha. In my absence I thought a lot about what I wanted to achieve with my blog, life, hell in general. Then I realized...I'd rather not see a map of where I'm going, I just want to sit back and enjoy the ride. As long as I continue doing the things I love, and surrounding myself with people I love...I don't need to have all the answers. So, in conclusion of the sappy part of todays post...I say to you, please do what you love no matter what! I know it's not easy to push for your dreams, but keep pushing!!! Hell I'm pushing right along with you :)

Now, because I don't believe in following the cool kids...and I'm a big advocate of the creativity of style. It's so natural for me to create outfits pretty much out of anything. Thanks to my days of being a broke ass fool, I acquired this lovely skill. Originally I belted the robe (I'm wearing as a top), because the high temperature was Zamunda over the weekend...But at the last min decided to throw on this thrifted cream skirt. I don't really believe in wearing bras, so I decided to tuck the robe to create a little deep V action! And for the bargain price of 6 bucks we've got an outfit people :) hooray!!! Excuse my french, but I fucking looooooooooooove thrifting!!! Even if I was rich, I wouldn't give it up...I'm hooked fo life lol. Speaking of life, let me get my ass to work!!

PS...My mom took these pics, see there happy now everyone knows!!! And I'm still not paying you hahahahahahaha