Busy Bee

I haven't taken pictures in what seems like forever. I've actually been so busy, I haven't had much time to blog at all. Between preparing for my trip to Europe, Chase's birthday, and Fran's 80th birthday party. Time is a luxury.

Blazer: Vintage / Pants: Zara / Belt: Shareen / Shoes: Costume National / Bag: Vintage

These next few weeks are gonna fly by, so bare with me. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know how obsessed I am with traveling. Well I'm finally getting the hell out of the good ol US of A!!! I can't believe this'll be my first time out of the country. I say that primarily because I vicariously live through other people, so it seems as if I've left the country before. I'm really excited but I have a feeling this is going to royally fuck me. I know when I return all I'll wanna do is book my next trip lol.

It'll be the longest time I've been away from my son, which is also nerve wrecking. Thank goodness for modern technology because Skype will be my best friend while I'm gone lol.

The 9-5 is also kinda kicking my ass! Preparing for taking two weeks off is going to be somewhat hellish. But hell let's be real here, that's the nature of the beast. Nothing is really easy.

Besides all the things I'm worried about, I actually think this is gonna be the best trip I've ever taken!! I mean I'll be in Paris during fashion week. It doesn't really get much better than that. I'll probably need 20 memory cards because I'm going all out tourist while I'm there lol. You guys will probably get sick of me but that's cool haha. Hopefully you'll be motivated to book a flight.

Let's not even talk about how serious my packing situation has been...actually let's. I think I've been packing for like 2 months now lol. Paris is actually my first stop, I'm going to Barcelona and Milan as well. The real challenge has been figuring out how to pack light...which is something I'm terrible at. Every time I travel I end up bringing tons of stuff I don't need/wear. So this time I'm gonna try re-wearing the same pieces in different ways. Like one dress will legit become 3 outfits. I'm in such a groove right now so I think I finally have majority of my looks figured out.

Basically that's what I've been up to lately, now lets move on to this look. These are my favorite pants! I literally stalked them on Zara's website but couldn't bring myself to buy them because I thought they were kinda pricey. When they had their sale I neglected to go online the first day and when I did, they were sold out. I may or may not have said a lot of curse words when I saw that. I randomly ended up in Zara a few days later and found literally thee last pair in the store in my size. So me and these pants were destined to happen haha!

I'm really really into texture right now! I can't wait for Fall so I can go crazy with layering and playing with texture. This look was inspired by that. Although it's still hot out, I opted for lightweight layers. I love how the belt and bag pull the look together, I also love that the cutouts on the back of the blazer add a little flare. I'm getting better at pulling together these casual looks! Anyway, I'll try my best to blog over the next few weeks, it'll be a struggle xoxo.