Two Piece: Shareen / Necklace Thrifted / Shoes: Aldo
So FINALLY I went on a real vacation!!! It’s been about three years since I’ve traveled without an anterior motive. I’m always traveling for a reason, however my only reason this time was to do absolutely nothing. Time goes by so fast, especially when you have kiddies, you have to remind yourself to take a minute out to just observe and reflect. I’m so blessed in so many ways and even though I have so much to work on as a person, I’m thankful for everything I am today!!! Sorry to get all mushy on you but hell I can’t help how I feel.
Now, I knew I had to have this two-piece when I saw it posted on Shareen’s Instagram. Everything about it is so perfect! I’m soooo happy I was able to grab it before someone else did. I kept it simple with a thrifted necklace and these amazingly comfortable Aldo sandals. You might get tired of my vacation pics cause there’s a lot of them…you’ve been warned… XOXO