Bonjour From Paris

My silent weeks on the blog are finally over! I'm so excited to share my travels with you overseas cherry has been popped haha. That's probably inappropriate but ahh well. After what seemed like forever getting to Paris, I made it here safe and in one piece. I ain't mad at that.

We arrived really late last night so today was our first full day here. It started off kinda cray because after getting barely 3 hours of sleep, we had to get up and prepare for shows. In typical me fashion, I made some last minute packing changes that threw me off because I expected it to be warmer. Not only was that not a good idea, I neglected to shave my hair before I left. Long story short, I was only able to shave one side, which is why my favorite hat made an early appearance.

I was so flustered until I realized,'re in Paris. I didn't matter if I only had a paper bag to wear I'm just gonna live in and enjoy the time I get to spend here. After coming to my senses, I was all good and ready to go. And actually, people were really digging the hat haha.


and I were able to make it to two shows, Guy Laroche... thanks to


;) and Alexis Mabille. Being that I had no idea if I would get into any shows, the experience was awesome.

Much like NYC the taxis will ruin you!! We'll definitely be about that public transportation life the rest of the time we're here. The exchange rate will also ruin much so that I don't really wanna talk about it because it's depressing. Trish said it's probably better just to use your card here and I can't say I disagree. You know those emoji eyes, that was my face when I saw the amount of Euros I got for my money lololol. That just wasn't right, you can scratch shopping off my list!

Tomorrow we plan on doing a lot of sight seeing and I'm so ready for that. I mixed in a few shots Trish took today just to show the amazing architecture here. Today's look was clean and simple. I'm wearing a thrifted skirt & jacket with an old turtleneck, I literally found in a box at my house. A little Fran flare with this hat and bag she gave me, paired with Miu Miu sandals. I'll be putting up show reviews soon, gonna try to post each day so I won't forget the things I wanna share. I hope you guys are having a great week xoxo.