BOLD & Blonde

 I just want to start off saying Alicia Holliday is a badddddddddddd woman!!!  I was debating if I wanted to keep my hair blonde.  I didn’t really have a clear idea on another color or style and my hair is natural, so I wasn’t left with too many options.  I decided to stick with it and thank goodness I did cause I am LOVING this new bold blonde color.  Now back to the real story here!! Alicia is another one of my hair stylists who I must say NEVER disappoints.  She works miracles on my hair literally, like I’m so serious.  She has that quality that most stylists I’ve come across lack, she’s able to understand your exact thoughts to the T. I can give her a vague description of what style I want and when she’s done, my hair doesn’t just look great, it feels sooooo amazing.  I walk out the salon feeling like Beyoncé lol.  Isn’t that how you’re supposed to feel after a trip to the salon??? YES, it is.  So I’m posting this not only because I’m in love with this woman and her miracle hands. I know that you will love her too!!! Please check out her skills by visiting Lux Studios in Bethesda, MD.  TRUST me you couldn’t be disappointed.   Although, you might be disappointed to know she’ll be on maternity leave for the next two months but she is definitely worth the wait.