Over the past few weeks I've been debating the direction I wanna go on the blog. I love fashion but as I've grown creatively, I've realized there are other aspects of fashion I want to focus on. Of course I'll still be doing outfit posts. However, they'll be fewer "basic" (and I use that word loosely lol) outfit post, and more thought out concepts behind what I share with you guys.

I don't really know what that means yet, but I can't wait to begin exploring that and sharing this journey with you. I've always downplayed what I really want to do, honestly, because I fear not meeting my own standards. I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes we get in our own way. I have good ideas yet I never fully execute them. So I've decided I won't hide behind what's been working for me, and begin doing things I fear...challenging myself. That's what life is about, at some point, you have to throw away your safety net.

In the spirit of my new creative direction and the holiday season. I partnered with my friend and stylist Keri, (who styled and shot these photos) on today's post. I chose this location and picked out this stunning Narciso Rodriguez dress provided by Rent The Runway. RTR is amazing by the way, if you need a last minute dress for the holidays, I highly recommend them! Anyway, Keri styled this look to perfection. She really did her thing, putting together a look totally different than what I would've done.

For the holiday season, people typically take the glitz and glamour route. But it's refreshing to do something out of the ordinary. This look is sultry and bold in an unconventional way. It's feminine especially from the back, yet really edgy from the front with the addition of the moto. It's also very my style. I believe sex appeal is not showing off your body, rather leaving just enough to the imagination. And ladies, you can serve sex appeal fully clothed!! (just saying) Lastly, even though the look is edgy, it doesn't lose the element of class.

We shot his look over the weekend, if you're local you know it wasn't warm at all!!! In fact it was damn COLD. Yes, I laid my ass on the ground, and yes I was barely clothed at times. I bring this up only to shed light on the fact that it takes work to bring what you envision to life. Keri was a trooper and I appreciate her for that. The end result are these photos, but the bigger picture is we do this because we love it. Make sure you do what you love...Keri and I hope you enjoy these xoxo

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