Beautiful Mess

Camo Jacket, Necklace, & Clutch: Thrifted / Dress: Vintage Victor Costa / Boots: Mulberry
Photography: Denisio Truitt 

Well since I wasn't cool enough to receive invites to an inaugural ball. {Insert salty ass face here} I decided to wear the front runner of dresses I would've worn in today's post. I've worn this dress on the blog before, for a photoshoot. But haven't had the pleasure of wearing it how it's supposed to be worn. You know how you have those pieces in your closet worthy of an epic ball or special occasion??? That's what I envision for this dress. Maybe one day it'll get the glory it deserves.

Because I had to casualify the dress...I created this beautiful mess of an outfit. Something about it just works, it kinda messes with your head a little right. It's like..."Is she wearing a ball gown and camo jacket? What the hell was she thinking, but wait that's kinda dope...Ok I must admit I really like it." Hahaha, that's what I'd be thinking if I saw me. Sometimes, you have to just let loose and not give a damn. I've been dressing really casual as of late, but I love days when I feel like having fun with my clothes. I could spend hours just playing dress up in my closet with a glass or two of wine. Heaven on earth I tell ya.
Speaking of wine, I believe it's safe to say I'm a certified wino lol. Currently I'm obsessed with "Sweet Red" wine....ummmmmmmm it's so delicious!!!! Welp I hope all is right in yall's world, if it ain't make it right....Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XO