Beaching in Barcelona

I was probably most excited to get to Barcelona. Mainly because Paris was so fast pace, I was looking forward to relaxing. Not only that but I'd been waiting to go to the beach all summer. Things started a little rough because we missed our flight, luckily we were able to catch a flight the next morning.

Swimsuit: Mint Swim / Dress: Vintage

It was gloomy but the dim skies were so beautiful, it created a calming feel that I was digging. Due to missing our flight, we had a very short time in Barcelona, I wanted to do as much as I could. That mainly consisted of eating...Barcelona had the best food hands down! I was happy to see the ocean, I love the water. I took a peaceful walk along the beach. You can see the mountains from the water and I really loved that. It was just what I needed, no agenda, just quiet time to be thankful for the experiences I'd had this far.

We headed to breakfast after leaving the beach. I was so happy to finally eat a full breakfast. Like eggs, sausage, Paris all they eat are croissants. I love croissants, but a sista was in desperate need of an "American" style breakfast lol. We ate at this cute little restaurant in the rain. I love the people in Barcelona, they have such good energy. I can't wait to go back and spend more time exploring, there's so many things I didn't get the chance to do. But this was a good day...all we really want is a life full of good days right?!? You can have them, it's all about how you view them ;)


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