Be New

Yooooooooooooooooo. Been a long time, shouldn't have left you (In my Timberland voice)....But hell this ain't all I gotta do so I had to, damn I should really be a rapper or something. Anywoo if you haven't already noticed, my lovely blog has gotten a little facelift. She wasn't that cute before...but see what money can buy?!?!?! Haha, but seriously there's gonna be some changes round here so I thought I'd let you know just in case you wanna jump ship. If you do I hope there's like 50 sharks in the water waiting for you. I'm kidding, I joke, really I don't I mean I do.
So with this new look I decided to take time to really figure out what I wanted to share, what things we're important to me, and how I could get all you lovely folks more involved. I came to the conclusion that I can learn way more form ya'll than you can learn from me. So let's get interactive people.
I hope you'll participate and welcome two very near and dear to my heart segments to the blog:
1.) Loud Style- Each week I'll be showcasing your "Loud Style." My love of thrifting/vintage is no secret and I wanna see how you style your favorite vintage pieces. Starting today you can send a picture to me at to be featured on the blog.  
2.) The Mama Diary- The most important thing I am is a mother! So I decided to become more vocal in my journey as a mother. I believe a lot of my readers are moms and we all can grow, learn, and lean on each other. I'm a little obsessed and slightly creepily overprotective of my son, so I'm sure you'll think I'm certified crazy once we get into this segment.
I really wanna hear more from you in 2013 so cheers to new beginnings!!!!!