Bare Don't Barely Bare

Bare - To uncover a part of the body or other thing and expose it to view.

Before I get into the nitty gritty this year, I want to explain why I share. This blog started solely as a creative outlet. What I've learned over the past 3 1/2 years is STARTING this blog was a turning point in my life.

When I set out to do this, I had no real goals or agenda, I didn't have a plan but I had passion. Over time that passion turned into plans, and those plans started to breathe life behind what it is I aim to do on this blog.

I blog because instead of wishing, wanting, or hoping for things, change, or happiness. I actively pursue...there were so many things I wanted to do, I neglected. Probably for the same reasons many people do. Because bearing yourself and living out your dreams is scary as hell!!! People are use to certainties, and as a result, we tend to do things that are considered standard or what we're "suppose" to do.

I thought it was normal to suppress my dreams and do the standard thing, it wasn't until I stumbled across a blog, my light switch flicked on. I decided to do...and not worry about the end of the road, but focus on the steps I'm taking along the way.

My point is, I share because I want all of our light switches to turn on. Whatever your passion is, I encourage you to dive into and explore what doing so helps you realize. I won't sit here and pretend it's easy. In fact if you've been following me for a while, I quite often tell you guys it's fucking hard! Yet I continue to share 1) because I love it and 2) because if it makes one person START, that equals success for me.

And to be clear, sharing is not my main point here, sharing is my outlet. I want you guys to follow YOUR passion, whatever that may entail.

Following your dreams is really nothing more than taking a chance on yourself. The fear of failing or rejection, or even lack of security never leaves you. But you can't let it stop you, you have to continue taking chances.

I've failed and been rejected many times but I press on. I continue to bare myself and in return I continue to grow. Through my journey, I hope it inspires you to take chances. And by you taking chances, I hope it encourages others to do the same. The more of us pursuing our goals the better. xx