The mannequin’s on display…I love the last look!!

I'm definitely getting this AMAZING red cut out multi-wear top

Standing next to my fav mannequin!

I went completely vintage last night!! I felt so beautiful in all WHITE, so what…I don’t believe you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day lol!!! My bustier, scarf’s worn as a belt, necklace, & pants are all Thrifted / Shoes: YSL / Clutch & Earrings Aldo / Ring: BCBG.
Hottie <3
I was joined by my stunning bestie Sotonye (stylist from previous post here) Special thank you to her for snapping some of these pics, I’m vertically challenged so she was able to get much better angles J
I had the pleasure of attending the Artaya fashion show last night and I was really blown away by designer Dana Greaves fab designs.  I loved how she created multiple looks using the same pieces.  That’s really the best way to maximize what’s in your closet.  I am a firm believer that there is nothing wrong with wearing your clothes over and over again.  The ability to make the same piece tell a completely different story is such a beautiful thing!!! I’m definitely going to buy a few things I saw last night and if you like what you see please head over to the Artaya website and grab a few great pieces to add to your closet!!!