Art is Art

This top is the most unique vintage piece I own. It's one of those things I'll probably own forever because I'm afraid if I get rid of it I'll regret it. I definitely have a greater appreciation for art after visiting Paris. I've always been artistic in some shape or form, but lately I feel I'm really starting to connect with all types of art. It's been really exciting getting to know some insanely creative people with talent far beyond mine. That really makes you test your limits, more importantly, you can never have too much knowledge. New people and experiences are refreshing.

One of my favorite places to shoot is The National Portrait Gallery. I've shot there a few times and I love the images I'm able to capture. I retired this vintage top for far too long, I can't remember the last time I wore it. I rediscovered it looking through my vintage pieces while packing, it's kinda crazy things like this can get lost in my closet. I have way too much shit...a lot of which should be thrown away but I was a hoarder. I say was because I'm purging as we speak while moving into my new place.

I really have some vintage jewels. In a perfect world I'd scout for vintage all day and come up with ways to breathe new life into them, i.e. style them to perfection. I don't think I could ever be a stylist but my friends argue I already am. I'm my only client if that's the case haha.

This is my go-to jacket when I wanna do that fashion thing where you just wear your jacket over your shoulders. You know you do it too and have no idea what the point of it is...don't even front lol. Hell well at least I do, when it's cold, I'm thinking damnit why am I such a basic bitch right now. Just start wearing a jacket under your jacket and all will be right with the world...layers duh!!

My mom is so awesome! I had this thrifted leather mini skirt, and lets be serious, I'm far from a mini skirt girl. I have this wool I plan on making a jacket out of for my kids line, so I stole a piece for my mom to add to this skirt. I decided to make it ankle length and wrap half way around to add a little spice. I really love how it came out, I plan on wearing it like every other day because why not. It goes with everything now.

It's kinda hard to see but this top has beaded fringe on the arms and at the bottom. I usually have a picture with one hand up, because that's my go-to pose. Of course I'd forget to do that when it'd showcase unique detail. Oh well...anyway I have exciting things going on this weekend so let's get this week over with already.

Photography Ksenia