Almost Spring

I've been battling the flu for the past couple days and it's timing couldn't be worse. Ain't nobody got time to be sick lol.

Two Piece: Custom Made / Top: H&M / Shoes: Zara / Jacket: Zara

To add insult to injury my face is experiencing severe dryness. I mean like peeling everywhere...I've tried everything imaginable to remedy my Freddy Kruger face to no avail!!! So I had to take a hiatus from being photographed, ya'll would've thought it was Halloween looking at my face situation.

Btw, if your skin is spastic like mine, i.e. gets extremely dry. Try making a  lemon sugar scrub, it really helped, burned like hell but definitely helped. I also tried an olive oil and egg yolk mask which helped my skin peel easily. Those two homemade miracles are why I'm able to bring this post to you my friends haha. Oh and a shit ton of makeup too cause I'm still kinda peely.

It's not quite warm enough to wear a two piece, so I decided to find an appropriate way around that. To combat the brisk little breeze hanging around, I added this sheer shirt and my handy dandy Zara coat. I like the way the top is sheer enough to show the two piece in all it's glory, it kinda catches you off guard right? It's like,  "Is that a bra...oh wait I get it." Or maybe you didn't but I'm just gonna assume you did.

I broke in these Zara shoes, they're so damn cute but so uncomfortable!! Which is typically the case with Zara's shoes, yet I continue to buy them...conundrum. Honestly, that's my justification for buying designer shoes, they're just made better and are more comfortable in my opinion. Or it could be that my feet need extra TLC due to me being a former athlete. These dogs have been through a lot.

Welp, I'm glad I'm almost not ugly anymore and can get back into the swing of things xoxo.

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