All I Need Is Fur

Jacket: Thrifted / Shirt & Cardigan: H&M / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Dolce Vita / On My Lips: Diva by MAC

Yesterday me and good friend went thrifting and she was gracious enough to take a few shots for me before she left. Love her!!! It was a madhouse at every thrift store we went to but we had a good time. I've been trying lull her into the thrifting cult that has consumed my life, I know I will convert her soon lol. I've been wearing a lot of white and cream lately, maybe because it reminds me of warm weather. I actually bought more white while out thrifting, kinda obsessed but oh well. I'm so excited because tomorrow I'll be attending a fashion show hosted at a thrift store!!! It's for a really great program, I won't give too much away because the recap will be up on Thursday!!! I hope you guys did something meaningful to celebrate MLK!!! Have a great day ;)