Photography: Ksenia Pro

Makeup/Hair: Crystal Rhone

Knitwear: DeNada Design

Air. Primarily a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, the impression or manner exuded by someone or something, to publicly express an opinion, or to expose to open air in order to ventilate. Air has many definitions. Most importantly, air flows through our bodies, without it we can't sustain life. The very thing we need to survive is free, free flowing, and everywhere we are. Air is a privilege, for as long as we are able to breathe air, we are unstoppable. No matter what may plague our mind or body, we are alive, the ability to breathe in and out...Air.

When I thought how to explain this editorial, the above words were the result. Air to me is freedom, opportunity, and a blessing. It's pure, these photos are a visual representation of air through my eyes. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you to the amazing team of people who made this happen aka Ksenia and Crystal. Special thank you to DeNada for allowing us to showcase their amazing knitwear xx