8 Vintage Lookbook

Happy Friday loves...Finally I'm able to show you our 8 Vintage Lookbook!!!!! I hope you like our first "Structured & Bright" collection :) Who would have known meeting Denisio last fall would lead to this, pretty dope I must say. And luckily for all you lovely people you'll be able to purchase these items from our shop tomorrow....Don't be surprised if I come knocking on your door asking to borrow your dress haha. That's how much I love these pieces, It'll be hard yet rewarding to see them go. The blue lace dress is a stunnaaaaa, I asked D every day if I could keep it, let's just say I lost that battle lol. I can't wait to get the next collection out, ya'll better get ready for some "summer fun" inspired looks ;) Don't forget, tomorrow is our happy hour at Barcode...info, HERE. I hope to see you there :) Welp, in the words of Justin Bieber....stay "Swaggy" my friends lol BYEEEEEE