8 Vintage Holiday Preview

Ladies Wearing 8 Vintage
Photography: Denisio Truitt

Happy Friday!!!! I'm so excited to share the preview photos from our upcoming 8 Vintage lookbook. This will be our second lookbook and our first video lookbook...it'll be here for your viewing pleasure on Monday. The looks will be available in the shop next week too!!! As we all know it's "cuffing season." The cold weather and holidays just make you wanna cuddle up next to someone you luv riiiight??? Well at least love for the next few months haha. Us at 8 Vintage are feeling the love, the liquor (emphasis on the liquor), and this lovely holiday season with this lookbook. So meet me back here Monday....I prom prom this is gonna be maj ok bible (Those damn Kardashians) lolololol....Byeeeeeeee