8 Vintage Baby

Happy Monday!!! No pictures today :( but I have something even better to talk about!!! This Saturday Denisio & I are launching our reconstructed vintage line "8 Vintage". We'd love for you fabulous people to join us, we are also debuting the lookbook from our first collection. You can register HERE on Event Brite. We would also like to give a special THANK YOU to two people, without them our lookbook wouldn't be as awesome as it is. Michela, you beat our faces to perfection, I can't thank you enough for that. You guys can check her out on Twitter HERE & her vintage shop HERE!!! Secondly Nicky, I wish I could buy all your jewelry because it's truly perfection!!! You guys have to check her online store out HERE & follow her on Twitter HERE...you can thank me later :) I know I'm sounding like a darn thank you speech after winning an award lol, but guess what oh well ;p....Last thing DENISIO YOU ARE AMAZING...this woman is truly talented!!! I've never met someone who is great at literally everything!!! Now come and PARTYYYYYYYYY with us BYE!!!!!