3 Takes: The Krissy Boot

Yeezy Taught Me

{Jacket: Thrifted / Top: Old / Jeans: Aqua / Boots: Aldo}

There’s nothing I love more than vintage fur, and because every day isn’t meant for heels, I’m showing
you three ways to style these ALDO Krissy combat boots. Winter white is everything…white should
be worn year round if you ask me! This look is perfect if you’re planning to spend time outdoors. It’s
feminine, edgy, and comfortable. Cheers to Kanye for providing my inspiration, I can now officially say,
“Yeezy taught me.”

Casual Combat

{Jacket: Thrifted / Vest: Thrifted / Shirt: Old / Jeans: Zara / Boots: Aldo}

If you’re not into winter white, this look is a good alternative! I paired a thrifted vest and coat with 
these skinny cargo pants I grabbed from Zara on sale. I love how the warm tones complement each 
other. This outfit is slightly toned down from the first. Layering is a good way to tone up or down a look. 
I opted for a little volume by adding a fur vest.

Ladylike Chic

{Jacket: Thrifted / Skirt: Thrifted / Vest: Thrifted / Top: H&M / Boots: Aldo}
I love a good masculine/feminine combo! The unexpected addition of ALDO Krissy combat boots with 
a simple V-neck and pencil skirt is perfect for everyday wear. Add a long coat, and you’ve got an easy 
carefree look that can be worn anywhere. This look is perfect for daytime activities with friends or a laid
back lunch date.

So there you have it, move over heels, it’s boot season baby!!! Go grab a pair of ALDO combat boots this 
season, your feet will thank me later :)