{VIDEO} BYOB Retreat Day 1


Just over a week ago I attended the BYOB Retreat here in DC. It’s almost hard to explain the value and knowledge exchanged between people in such a real and beautiful way. It was one of those experiences you had to be there to fully understand. I gotta give a special shoutout to my videographer Kyle, for putting together this recap of Day 1!! The energy was on 1,000 to say the least, I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a room full of people and felt pure positive energy.

Here’s how BYOB describes the conference: Over 1000+ diverse founders, leaders, creatives, mentors, brands, athletes & entrepreneurs will GATHER here. Join us for a weekend full of personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development. This intimate weekend is meant to be all-in-one experience to grow your network, gain clarity on your goals, mastermind with peers, enjoy our garden vibes, official afterparty and much more! A little mixture of Forbes x Coachella x Afrotech x ComplexCon. This is for anyone who is focused on what matters most, personal branding coupled with your skills & assets, developed from the college dorm to corporate America and into entrepreneurship! It starts with taking full ownership of your life, a well-defined strategy, proper resources, the right emotional intelligence, AND amazing guidance. 


Let’s switch gears and talk about why I decided to be there. The only commitment I made to myself this year was getting uncomfortable in my growth. Now, what does that mean, the growth I’ve seen in myself over the past year has been monumental in confirming what my purpose, or what I call my assignment from God is. In this process, I realized one major factor that’s prevented me from fully walking into my assignment. Plain and simple, I hadn’t found the right people who could support and encourage me to the finish lines I’d need to cross to be all-in to my assignment. Make no mistake, no assignment from God is done alone.

Here’s the thing, I have friends who I value and love dearly, I have family who supports me in maintaining life as a single mom of 2 children, and I know a lot of amazing people doing great things. While all these people are extremely positive figures in my life, I’m deficient of a tribe of people who understand the work of an entrepreneur and have a similar assignment, I realize the void of reciprocal relationships with people I need to exist in my life. What I decided to do was find those people, no matter how difficult, with no pride, with faith, and with focus. This is what landed me at the BYOB conference.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrew Nguyen, founder of BYOB, prior to the conference. I’ll be releasing our conversation this week on my podcast. Everything we discussed was extremely apparent in the work he’s doing with BYOB! I’m grateful for the opportunity to be there as press to give you guys a glimpse of this experience. So thank you to Andrew and his team for that, I hope you enjoy our recap of Day 1 of the BYOB Retreat!

PS…If you didn’t make it this year, get ready to shmoney dance cause it’s back next year in Atlanta, tickets are on sale NOW!!! Stay tuned for our video recap of Day 2!