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Those who know me well know I have a split personality when it comes to what I wear, I have 2 extremes, I’m either completely dressed down (like in sweats, the former athlete in me) or doing the “most” as my friends would say lol. I’d say I have style integrity that isn’t dependent on what’s on my body. To be honest, I don’t feel pressure to look a certain way, I feel in my element on both sides of the spectrum. The meaning of style for me has evolved over the years as I have. I’ve always had an eye for style and being different, but there were times I’d measure my style against what was trending, I think that’s natural, so much emphasis is put on how a woman looks. Although we can’t eliminate the ways of the world, we can surely shape the world around us. I’m grateful to be of solid mental capacity because the reality is so many of us fight issues with self-esteem before we walk into self-love. I’ve had to many times, being talked down to because I’m petite, being told I look like a man, even being judged by people who consider me attractive because I care about style and how I present myself. I’ve experienced this type of negative talk from people I know well and strangers. Through it all I developed a powerful sense of self. I learned that I better be a person led by values and integrity to counter the realities I face every day.

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Style has taken on a whole new meaning for me, I’ll explain how and why in a second. But first, this isn’t intended to pass judgement on anyone, I’m a firm believer of “to each his own”, in fact the very purpose of this post is to express the value of our differences, what I’m calling style integrity. What I hope to champion is an appreciation of our differences, viewing style less as fashion, clothes, or cost and more as an exchange of thought. The definition of integrity is: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Style is something you possess, no matter what you’re wearing the most important thing is it’s honest to you. That’s where integrity factors in. Authenticity is such a buzz word now, with so much emphasis on authenticity, it’s almost like people are aiming to be authentic rather than allowing themselves time to figure out who they are. How can one be authentic if they can’t pause and be still in discovery? What I find in my times of stillness is I face the realities of who I am, which leads to me working on myself in a naturally authentic way. This impacts everything about me especially my style. When you have clarity people can see it, you carry that light with you, your presence is convincing, and your style is illuminated. All of this is a result of being still. I learned this from my pastor and now seeking out stillness, I have clarity around who I am and how I move. It’s important to label being still so you set your intention to exercise it.

Krystin Hargrove - Be loud be you blog

Every new phase of my life I’ve vowed to bring people along with me, in the form of sharing and having healthy dialogs about life and things I’ve learned. Also, so I can continue to learn from other people. I’m launching a series of very intimate style conversations April 14th called The Style Roundtable. The purpose of this group is to connect in small groups and take a deep dive into style and how we express ourselves. Below are few bullet points on what to expect for our kickoff event April 14th.


  • Curated private gathering of 10 people

  • Sit down meal + drinks

  • Guided conversation about life and style

  • Community build networking

  • Gift bags and photo recap of our time together

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I cannot wait to extend these conversation with you from virtual to real life. This is going to be an amazing experience, I’m excited and can’t wait to talk all things life and style! I intentionally cap these events at 10 people because less is more in building connections. Community for me is more important than filling a room. Come ready to connect, hungry, eager to share, and with an open mind!!! Xoxo

Ticket link goes live here and on Instagram Friday! xx  

Krystin Hargrove - Be Loud Be You Blog