Out West

Krystin Hargrove - Be loud be you blog

I spent almost a week in LA, I’m just now getting back into the swing of things at home, however this vacation was exactly what I needed! In December I hit up Keri like I found a good flight so I’m coming west! I’ll likely be back before the year is over, I’m so proud of her. I love seeing my friends live out their purpose and go for it! She moved across the country, with a job (Amen), has her own place, and is styling some big names in LA! It’s so inspiring and I’m championing and supporting her evolution every step of the way.

I haven’t traveled this long without my kids in a while, it was wonderful getting a full night’s sleep and being able to relax for a few days! Motherhood is amazing, I wouldn’t change it for the world, but mama needs time to herself okurrrrrr.

Krystin Hargrove  - Be loud be you blog

I NEVER get jetlag, but this trip was a struggle with the time change, I was up at like 3am every day, I could barely stay awake past 9pm, I’m getting old yall LOL. Each morning I took time to reflect and gather my thoughts as the close of Q1 is right around the corner. I committed to move with my spirit this year and trust my gut 100%, which is very different than what I’ve done in past years. It’s been easy because I have an amazing relationship with God, when I begin to feel overwhelmed I pray and push through it. Time and time again God reminds me I’ve found his purpose for me, even when it’s gotten tough, my focus is so sharp I view fear as a part of the process. I guess in a sense, I don’t really feel fear anymore, I welcome and accept it.

I can’t explain how beautiful the space I occupy, is. I’m thankful for growth and new perspectives! Most notably I intentionally put myself in new yet slightly uncomfortable places. I challenge myself to get to know new people as I evolve and grow. I’m not scared to jump out here and see what happens, I never really have been, however now having such a strong sense of self and purpose I receive things way stronger than I ever have.

Krystin Hargrove - Be loud be you blog

I’m the queen of seemingly over extending myself, maybe it’s my way of not allowing myself to get too comfortable, but I booked our 2nd Empowomant event 2 days after I returned from LA. In typical me fashion I start to panic preparing for the event, my sister Tia flew down for our first event in January. She was my safety net to calm me down. This time around it was just me, I was nervous as hell but of course my friends came through to help…thanks Miya love you boo! The event was beyond amazing! I’m grateful to all the women who’ve attended the events so far! The energy and true open transparency is such a breath of fresh air, I pinch myself thinking about the road I’ve taken to arrive at this place. The decision to do this work with and for women is really a dream come true and we’re just getting started!

Krystin Hargrove - be loud be you blog

Anyway, Keri & I pulled over and snapped these photos because I had to feel like an LA blogger and take pictures with palm trees. Let me liveeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh basically my whole look is from Zara because they somehow manage to keep getting my money when I vow to stop shopping retail  *face palm emoji* xx