The Single Mom Startup

Krystin Hargrove The Single Mom Startup


Growing up I never thought I’d be a 33 year old single mom. What I didn’t have enough life experiences to understand when I was younger, is everything that happens to you, happens for you in life. Over the past 10 years motherhood has taught me things about myself in such a transformative way, particularly, single motherhood! If you’re a single-mom or have been at any point in your life, you know how REAL the phrase  “make it work” is!

Everyday we’re doing our absolute best to make it work. Early on as a single mom that was me, this is what laid the framework for The Single Mom Startup. For a while I was risk averse, I was terrified to take a chance on becoming a full-time entrepreneur because at the end of the day everything was up to me. If I can’t pay the bills, feed my kids, or provide the basic needs in my household, I’m a failure as a mom. That’s what I thought, what I also knew was the life that resulted from me playing it safe, was not the life I wanted my children and I to have. I know it’s scary as hell to jump out there and dare to live the life you want! Especially as a single-mom, but if I asked you to look back at all the scary, crazy, seemingly hopeless situations you’ve experienced in your life, if you’re reading this, you made it through!! You’re already a success story. So why not add to that story every single day, because when you’re determined, you find a way.


So what is The Single Mom Startup? From here on out I’ll refer to it as TSMS. It’s a 4 week course for single moms looking pursue entrepreneurship. And this is just the beginning, there’s so much more in the works through the TSMS program. I considered the lifestyle of a single-mom in developing this program, taking into account all the lessons I’ve learned navigating through entrepreneurship as a single mom over the past 10 years. This program is for moms who are serious about living and thriving as single mom entrepreneurs, we’ll dive deep to personalize the framework, so you see results as a single mom entrepreneur. TSMS has 4 modules, we’ll unpack 1 module each week over the 4 week program. The modules are below:

  • Control Your Mind

  • Control Your Money

  • Build Intentional Community

  • Call to Action (Your business plan)


On top of my 10 years in motherhood and entrepreneurship, I hold a degree in Accounting, which played a huge role in how I’ve developed TSMS. Finances are one of the main considerations single moms face when considering entrepreneurship. Weeks 2 and 4 will cover financial content that will position you on how to successfully start your business. I’ll use a combination of business and financial best practices I gained working at a startup for 6 ½ years.

We tackle your business the final week, week 4, because what I’ve learned is, your mind and support system are the most important keys to your success as a single mom entrepreneur. That’s true for any entrepreneur, however TSMS considers the unique lifestyle of a single mom, and speaks directly to things we face that other entrepreneurs don’t. I’m so excited to launch The Single Mom Startup!

The program goes live on the products page of my site tomorrow at 10am! If you have any questions on the program, feel free to comment here or email me directly, I’d be happy to answer all your questions!

This is the framework I currently use to build my business, support my family, and have control of my schedule. My biggest consideration is time! As a single mom, entrepreneurship allows me the flexibility to spend time with my children, spend time taking care of myself, and focus on doing work and things I enjoy. Corporate/9-5 life did not allow me this type of freedom. Entrepreneurship can afford those same opportunities for you. Are you ready for The Single Mom Startup? I sure hope so and can’t wait to meet you!