I’m excited to share the promo video for Empowomant!!!

Ksenia & I put this video together for our launch event, this is my baby. After a lot of trial and error, yet insisting to live out my truth, Empowomant represents everything I believe to my core. This company is something that will live on and have a far greater reach impacting women than I ever could. It’s like a light switch went off and I realized that my goals were so much bigger than me, it’s humbling. I’ve been so passionate about everything over the years then one day I’m like, majority of my goals benefit me most. That was a problem for me, while I still do aim to be very successful personally, I don’t want any of my work to be primarily “self-serving.” Once I made that connection everything began to open up.

I’m so proud of the output I’ve created on this site, I’ve shard so much on this blog and this outlet has really changed my life. When I think about what I’ve achieved here thus far, I think about the connections I’ve made with all of you. How we chat about life on social media and how natural and easy it has been connecting and sharing moments together. It proves to me the power in connections with people, it proves to me that we are a community and I’m grateful to all of you I’ve met along the way.

As I examined why I’ve cut back from blogging, particularly over the past 3 years, it wasn’t that I didn’t love sharing my person style, tidbits of my life, or my thoughts. It was mainly because I was searching for a way to expand my output as I was expanding and growing as a person. Every phase of what I’ve shared here has reflected my interests at that period. I know there are times I become conflicted as growth adds layers to my life and who I am. I’ve realized rarely do you have to lose anything, it’s more of a change in perspective. So, while my perspective is no longer centered on me and I’m still the same person I always was, things about me have changed.

I’ve decided to reopen this site to myself to share, with no pressure or no promise of consistency, or any of the things I may have said before. This space started as a way for me to be myself and encourage others to. That’s all that matters to me again and it feels good getting back to that.

Which is the perfect way for me to transition into what Empowomant is about. The single most important things I aim to achieve with Empowomant is to connect women, facilitate environments where we can collaborate, and help us realize of visions with intention. I want all of us to be living out our dreams on purpose and doing so together.

One thing that has become lost with the addition of social media and the rise in entrepreneur spirit is working together. Doing so not because you’ll get paid or publicity but because you believe in what others are doing. Those things will come when you have the right intentions. Collaboration is a major key to success, so the Empowomant team is very intentional about our entire community succeeding this way and can only imagine the possibilities/opportunities that are going to result from it.

I hope some of you will join this movement because together our community is committed to actively participating in bring your visions to life. We’re just getting started but you can follow our journey on Instagram or fill out the form on our website to stay connected xx