Gimme 5

Chaka is everythig I would've been in the 70's...*sings* tell me sumthin good

Chaka is everythig I would've been in the 70's...*sings* tell me sumthin good

This week I’m posting Gimme 5 later than usual because I’m sick, just in time for back to school, when I really can’t afford to be laying around. Nonetheless, I was determined to get this post up if I did nothing else. So I pumped myself full of drugs, of the legal and over the counter variety, just to list these 5 things on my mind.

1) Get Dressed: 70’s Hands Down

The 70’s is my favorite style decade! Literally everything I love to wear has a carefree 70’s vibe. I don’t care what’s going on in fashion, 70’s silhouettes are pure magic on a women’s body. Not so much for men tho, so guys don’t try this at home lol. Urban Outfitters has a 70’s lookbook that’s groovy baby! HERE

Image via Design Sponge

Image via Design Sponge

2) Packin My Bags: This Home is Insane

The marriage of vintage and the use of bold color in this home is superb! Like I would pack nothing I own and live in this home with no questions asked! I would forfeit my gypsy lifestyle I swear I would. Long story short it’s amazing so I took a few notes. That amazingness is HERE

3) I Need All This Shit: Home Store Perfection

So these products are soooooo good (and easy on the wallet, we like that)! I mean I literally had to restrain myself from buying too much. Little things make a huge difference in your home. Opting to buy character pieces that you actually use every day, I mean come on! The easiest way to add effect to your home in subtle but impactful ways. Especially if you’re tight on space and have to leave the brooms out (like I do), what could be an eyesore, gets married into the design story. THESE products are amazing.

Gimme 5-Krystin Hargrove-Be Loud Be You

4) Making Pretty Things: Fur All Fall/Winter

This image struck me, I’m currently in the process of making like a million things made of faux fur for myself. Soon you’ll see a weekly style post here displaying those things. I hate leaving the house when it’s cold so I figure while I’m inside I should make things that make me wanna go out. I’m slowly getting my groove back and I’m in no rush to hurry myself along. Growth is a process, growth is a process….I tell myself that daily and sure enough things are starting to feel very balanced and wonderful. Just the way I like it.

5) Pass On The Praise: Keith is Just Goals

HERE is this week’s wisdom from my church Zion. I mean this man never fails to deliver a solid on time message. Thanks God!

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