See You At The Crossroads

Krystin Hargrove - Be Loud Be You - See You At The Crossroads

One of my best friends jokes all the time about my spiritual growth, at my daughter’s dedication she said, “you went from shutting the club down to shutting the church down,” which was true and funny!!! I enjoyed every minute of my 20’s, and so did she by the way, the pot calling the kettle black ha! However, as I begin to grow and truly explore what holds value in my life, I understand to live my best life (I love that term) means living life according to the purpose God has placed over my life. I realize there are these moments when you hit crossroads in your life and there’s only 1 of 2 ways you can go. I say 1 of 2 ways because many times I think we believe we have so many options, ways, or routes that will get us to where we need to be, but I don’t believe God makes it that difficult. There are only 2 ways to go, in my opinion, when you hit these crossroads. You’re either going to choose to elevate everything about who you are or you’re going to choose to keep operating as who you are at the time you face these crossroads.

I believe people have a heightened sense of awareness around when their lives need to be elevated and those who aren’t ready, aren’t due to many reasons. I don’t need to list them because I think we’re all aware of the things that prevent us from elevating our lives to the next level. I’m a firm believer that God has a plan for everyone, but I also believe that everyone does not realize it, what I’ll boil that down to is this, the most prominent reason why people don’t fulfill their purpose is selfishness. I say selfishness because when you reason with yourself, neglect to give your life to God and trust in his plan, you do so for selfish reasons. If you don’t believe he is the beginning and the end of every situation in your life, you will continue to reason with yourself about your lack of elevation, instead of allowing yourself simply to elevate.

The universe is a funny thing, on this spiritual journey, which I should call my relationship and daily dialog with God. I’ve realized I can cover up who I am to people but I’m not fooling God or myself. There’s a certain level of uncomfortableness (not a word I know) people who haven’t chosen to let God lead their lives feel because I’m freed and constantly give credit to God for leading my life. What’s funny is it’s not uncomfortable for people to talk about career, family, relationships, gossip, judge, kids, etc… but for those still searching for answers through life’s twists and turns talking about God seems uncomfortable.

Then I realize I use to be uncomfortable, I was a person who hadn’t yet accepted God challenging me to believe wholeheartedly in him. Yes I’ve always believed in God, but I now give every situation to him because he is the single most important relationship in my life. To live according to his purpose for me, I have to walk with him first, only after can I fully understand and live out what he’s called me here to do. Getting to this point has been transformative. I’m grateful that God put this fire inside me to relentlessly seek out my purpose, I realize some people don’t get to the point of realization in their lifetime.

What compelled me to write this post was a perfect storm of events that gave me the confirmation from God that I asked him for. He’s given me the means but he’s made it clear that I have to do the work. He will give you a blessing but it’s always up to you what you decide to do with them. I feel the most at peace now than I have at any other point in my life, I’m elevating. The entire fabric of my being, like every single part of me is elevating! Because I trust God, I’m not scared or ashamed to praise his name and give him all the credit. He is truly an awesome God.

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