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Yall know how hard it is to get everyone to be still lol

Yall know how hard it is to get everyone to be still lol

1) It Takes a Village: Harper’s Dedication Ceremony

This weekend we celebrated our decision and commitment to dedicate Harper. I tuned out everything else to be present on this very special and important day for our family. I can’t put into words my feeling of joy and gratitude to God for Harper, she’s such a blessing to our lives. My children really are my saving grace, they always bring me back to what’s important in life when I get off track. Just as my job is to guide and teach them, they don’t even realize how much they guide and teach me.

We shared this special day with our close family and friends. I was so full seeing us stand together and solidify the commitment we made to support Harper. I’m thankful for those who attended and for the prayers and support of those who couldn’t be present. It was truly a special weekend full of love. If you are a member of Zion their dedication ceremony is excellent! Very personal and so well put together. I thank them for the time and care they put into making this such a memorable moment for our family. It’s never too late to dedicate your child, for more information on Zion's dedication process click THIS link. For more information on what exactly a dedication is and why it’s important, I found THIS resource that explains it well.

2) Back to School, Back to Reality

You know that commercial that plays before every school year, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year….they’re going back,” hahaha I love that damn commercial now, wasn’t so funny until I had kids. But yes, while we love having the kids go back to school, mamas know all about the scramble that ensues while trying to work it all out during the school year. From getting off work, making dinner, doing homework, to bath and bedtime, don’t let me throw in cleaning and keeping things organized. The school year is prime wine season!!! I mean we’re women, we are not built for breaks, we’re built tough, comes with the territory. So this year I thought how can I catch a break while keeping the kids in activities that reinforce education and AWAY from phones and tablets?

I randomly decided to hit the library today, my coffee shop is closed Monday’s, to enjoy my last day off from my 9-5 and get a little work towards my hustle in. And what do you know, the library steps from my house has some epic activities for both Chase and Harper for FREE 99. Won’t he do it! I was like yassssss, this is just what I’ve been looking for. I can get an hour of stress free work in while they participate in educational based activities all year! Thank God! So run do not walk to your nearest library and check out their calendar. We’re in PG County (MD) and they have plenty to do at a lot of different locations.

3) Get Into It: Thelma’s Vanity Vintage Shop

Yall know I LIVE for a good vintage situation! So when my fellow vintage lover Michela opened her online vintage shop Thelma’s Vanity, I was like Jesus take the wheel and shame the devil. I don’t wanna spend all my rent money on vintage frocks but I will and am hahaha. I had to share the amazingness that she finds because her eye is insane! Click the link above and see for yourself!!!

4) Wide Open Spaces: Dream Home Dreaming

So my IG stories, like I’ve mentioned, have been ALL about food. Which has me thinking about my dream kitchen a lot lately. In a perfect world my home is a renovated warehouse, super artsy and industrial and preferably one level, well maybe a basement too. I would probably have a sofa in the kitchen so I can sleep there and dream about food haha. THIS article has some insane industrial kitchen ideas that have me super inspired to live my best life and get my shit all the way together so I can build my dream home.

5) Amen: Praise HIM

I’ve decided to post my church’s Sunday service here every week in Gimme 5. Why? Because everything I do is grounded by faith. My ability and purpose here is to share and above anything else sharing God’s word is what means most to me above anything else. This week’s service had a great message, Faith Over Everything! Watch or listen HERE

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