Gimme 5

Mondays are now when I’ll randomly list 5 things I’d like to share with you guys. I have no idea what will appear here very week so you’ll have to swing by and check it out. Feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to touch on. Basically I’ll be sharing things I think are helpful, new products, places, or businesses I’ve come across, just about anything is fair game for these posts. So let’s jump right into this week’s gimme 5.

1) Local Love: The Spice Suite

Krystin Hargrove-Be loud be you
Krystin Hargrove-Be loud be you

I’m no stranger to dilly-dallying in the kitchen. The other day my son said, “mommy you know that cooking show they have with kids? You should go on that for grownups.” Thank you Chase for that ego boost but I have a long way to go until I’d consider myself a top chef. Honestly if I had more time I would live in the kitchen, I really love cooking, but in combination with the millions of other things I love doing it’s at times challenging. So when I find anything that encourages me to get in the kitchen AND makes my life easier, I’m all about it!! Ladies and gents The Spice Suite will have you dreaming about kitchen creations.

I’d heard so many great things about the shop so I wasted no time stopping by. When I tell you it’s a sensory experience I mean it. Literally everything I smelled and tasted was like an adventure. What I love about the shop is every seasoning is made to be used on anything, so you really can’t go wrong in terms of selection. The problem is if you’re like me you literally want everything. I had to hit the chill button but every two weeks just as sure as checks hit my account I’ll be heading back until I have everything I want! I picked up Angel’s (the owner who is just pure black girl magic) cookbook and I can’t wait to try her recipes. I live for a great cookbook! That’s literally the way I’ve learned how to cook, modifying recipes I’ve found in cookbooks. It’s the best way to get a feel of combinations and eventually get into a groove without needing any guidance. One thing I can say for SURE is seasoning make a hell of a difference. So If you’re a local kitchen groupie you should stop by the shop, here are the links to the website and Instagram, you can also order online!!! I’ll be taking thank you’s in the form of spices!!!

2) Home Stuff: Fall Textured Tables

Fall is hands down my favorite season, it’s like the best of both worlds. Everything I love is in this in-between stage in the best possible way. It’s all about layering and texture, from what we wear, to what we eat, it also begins transitions inside our homes, for us that means school starting, wrapping ourselves in throw blankets, and cooking Sunday dinners for lazy days full of watching football. Go SKINS!

Anyway, I’m literally obsessed with table settings and I vowed that this year I’m going make Sunday’s the days I get up cook and set a beautiful table. I’ve been collecting dishes and glasses for years and I’m tired of using them solely on holidays. Of course I’ll be showing you guys each weeks table on my Instagram but if you want a more personalized post on setting a table just let me know at any time and I’ll post a step-by-step process.

Right now I’m really into mix and matching and a lot of texture, well I’m always into that, but anyway I’m sure my first few tables will be somewhat natural tones with a pop of color in floral arrangements. I wish I could buy all the amazing things I find but I literally have no room for more dishes. I offer interiors shopping as a personal shopping service, so if you’re looking to spruce up your dinnerware I can handle that for you ;)   

3) Link Love: Budget Friendly Interiors

I love browsing other sites and gaining inspiration. I also love designing interiors on a budget. So when I came across this home on A Cup of Jo I had to share it! Take a look at this amazing space and read about how they did it all on a budget HERE!

If you don’t read the article (which I hope you do) I was introduced to these two books which I ordered off Amazon, because you can never have too many books, especially on interior design.

4) Go Shopping: Zara Kills It

If I shop retail, it’s almost exclusively at Zara or H&M. I don’t need to shop anywhere else, yes a million people may have the same pieces as you, however the devil is in the details so that matters little to me. When I’m not shopping for myself or clients, I typically look to Zara to tell me what’s going on currently in the fashion world. I don’t style myself based on trends but I do like to keep up to date on what’s going on. Many times it reminds me of things I own but have forgotten about. If I’m into what’s current I’ll incorporate a few pieces into my ever expanding wardrobe. Below are a few pieces I’m lusting over from Zara’s current collection.

5) Help Me: The Struggle of Planning Vacations with School Aged Kids

So I’ve been trying to plan a family vacation, only problem is summer is over. Chase is starting to get curious about traveling so this year I said I’d take him on a trip. It’s been a few years since he’s been on a plane so I have to make good on my promise. I was thinking a warm weather getaway over Christmas break but being that that’s prime season for most of the destinations I’ve looked into I’m struggling to make a decision.

I’m primarily looking for Caribbean islands or like destinations. If there are places you’ve vacationed with small children that fit the bill please send suggestions my way. I know that pretty much anywhere there’s water will make Chase happy. But I’d love to have a mix of water and land activities. In a perfect world I’d like to have everything booked by September which is extremely last minute for me. This is more of a cry out for help than a suggestion haha but like I said anything goes! I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Welp, that’s all I have for this week’s gimme 5! I hope you started out your week strong! As a bonus I’m sharing Sundays service from my church Zion Landover HERE…..only way to kick off the week, giving praise! Now let’s get it!!