Baby’s 1st: Introduction to Solid Food

Homemade baby food-Be Loud Be You Blog-Krystin Hargrove

Where does the time gooooooo. I don’t know man, one minute you’re pushing out a human, then you blink and they’re 5 months old. I had all these ambitious goals to do the month by month photoshoots, but I’ve managed to do absolutely nothing outside of her 1 month shoot. Oh well...I’ll at least try to pull it together for her 6th month mark.

I’ve been nursing so long, watching her eat solid food the 1st time I felt a little like the other woman. Like oh yea, you’re stepping out on me huh. But really, when the doctor said we could introduce food at 4 months, I was like really...and we can give her nuts, seafood, and many of the other things they deemed the devil when I had Chase!!! Ok cool, I gave him most of it anyway so it didn’t matter much, but at least now I can tell them without being yelled at.

Homemade baby food-Be Loud Be You Blog-Krystin Hargrove

I’ve probably already said this but I remember next to nothing about the timeline on things when Chase was born, which is sad because he was my first so you’d think I’d remember, nope. But anyway I waited until 5 months to take the plunge with Harper. She however was eating those yams like, about damn time woman!!! She literally starts chewing when people are eating, so I was like OK I’ll let you live little girl!!! Parents of multiple kids know when real food is introduced, so are real let’s just say potty training is in the near future because I just can’t when the poop is like actually poop...yuck (I don’t care if you judge, I just can’t with the poop lol).

But anyway, here we are, I guess I'll have to buy a mask and suffer as the little yellow poops turn into big brown ones. Too graphic? TUGH!

homemade baby food-be loud be you blog-krystin hargrove

Chase didn’t eat store bought baby food, his meals were homemade, so I wanted to do the same for Harper. Chase eats just about anything I cook so I think making his food really helped expand his palate. I thought I’d share how I’m making food for Harper so below are some bullet points on what I’m doing. Everyone is different so feel free to share your tips as well!

Tips Fo Yo Homemade Baybay Food

  • You don’t need those expensive ass baby food processors, you just need a blender

  • Use a big pot and steam veggies to keep more nutrients (but you can boil too, no biggie)

  • Use breast milk/formula to mix the food in the blender to baby food consistency. You can also use the water used to boil (or baby water) because any nutrients that boiled out will be in the water

  • When cooking food (like meats) season as you normally do, no one like bland food lol  

  • Store in glass not plastic, I use 1/2 pint (or 8oz) size mason jars, they seal air very well so food lasts longer

  • You can freeze food, I don’t do this I just make it fresh every week. But a good hack for freezer storage is putting the food in ice trays so you can stack them to save space

  • Try not to mix too many foods at one time. Introduce one at a time then start mixing, mainly so you can quickly identify any food allergies. This is more relevant for younger babies, or maybe it’s just as relevant for older babies, I don’t know

  • Let them make a mess because they will anyway and that’s the fun part

That’s all I can think of, at least right now, like I said feel free to share what/how you’re making your baby food too. A link I found helpful for general info is here Yes talk to your pediatrician of course, but I find it really helpful getting tips from other mamas. I’m off now to comb my hair, which I haven’t done in about 4 days. Mom life man...gotta love it!