NYC: Saturdays In Prospect Park

Be Loud Be You-Prospect Park- NYC-Krystin Hargrove

It’s safe to say I’m no longer terrified to travel with my kiddos after our road trip to NYC this weekend. I thought it would be overwhelming traveling with them but honestly it’s been really easy. Maybe it’s my “been there done that” mentality, or because Chase overall is really good with Harper, I’m not really sure what it is but I feel completely at ease with both of them in tote. I did bring my mom to NYC for a little insurance, just in case, haha but going forward I think traveling will be no problem.

Be Loud Be You-Prospect Park-Krystin Hargrove

The ride up was smooth Harper slept the entire ride there and back actually. She’s a natural traveler. No fuss in the air or hitting the road which means we’ll be getting out of town every chance we get! Chase is tablet obsessed like most 7 year olds, usually I limit tablet time but thank goodness for those things when it’s time to travel. On our way back I forced him to go without just for a little balance and surprise surprise, he did a great job not worrying me to death without it. I guess he had an eventful weekend so he needed a little R&R.

Saturday we hit up Prospect Park for Curlfest which was a great opportunity to lay out and chill for the day. So many beautiful people were there, I’m an avid people watcher so it was right up my alley. The amazing trees in these photos were too good of a photo op to pass up, so we hopped up for a few family photos. Actually, Trisha lifted me up like I was nothing and basically sat me in the tree lmao, her husband gave Chase a boost…Pays to have a hubs that’s a 7 footer lol, Love you Trish & Robbie!!

Be Loud Be You-Prospect Park-Krystin Hargrove

We went to NYC to celebrate my birthday, getting older is a funny thing, looking back at all my birthdays (I’ve had some amazing ones).  Trading in party nights for family memories is everything. Each year I want to ring in my birthday with the people most important to me. People who champion me forward the 365 days that make up each year of my life. My kids of course are my main drivers, but my family and friends have anchored me this past year and for that I’m grateful. I look forward to many years of celebrating the nut job I am (and proud of it) gallivanting around the world with my kids who think I’m crazy, but don’t care because I’m fun! I’m a lucky 32 year old lady to say the least.

Anyway, I can’t wait to hit the road again with my minis! My goal is to get lost every other weekend with them for the rest of the summer. Jesus be a winning lottery ticket so I can live my best life haha. Honestly tho, I’ve decided to change my entire lifestyle, what’s most important to me is showing my babies new places and things, as often as possible. As parents I think the challenge is giving up things you’re use to, for me that was a lot of material things that use to hold value that don’t anymore. So the decision to put my extra resources into experiences with the babies was an easy one to make. That actually doesn’t mean spending tons of money, I’m hella resourceful as a person anyway. But it does take a conscious effort to take care of myself, making sure I have my priorities in check and my energy level high so I’m present for a million road trips to come!

I’m reading this post like who am I lol…I’m such a mom…and that’s actually the best fucking part of my world, motherhood. My kids are in for a wild ride with me…what can I say!