Life: Find Your Passion

Be Loud Be You - Find Your Passion

Can't believe it's been a month since my last post. Time flies when you're having fun right? I'm loving up on my babies and honestly taking my time adjusting to 2 kiddos. But I think I've got a good read with this one today!

In my last post I mentioned being clear about my goals, specifically the things I’m truly passionate about. Passion is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion; an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. 99% of the times I’ve run into problems related to passion, is when I’ve lost sight of purpose. The definition says passion is an emotion, an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, what’s often overlooked is what you’re passionate about and why. Ultimately, your purpose drives your passion, so when I find myself losing passion, the first thing I  evaluate is my purpose. I ask myself if the things I’m doing align with my purpose. Seemingly easy to evaluate right?!?! Wrong, it’s difficult to step back in the moment, especially around something you’re passionate about, and question why you’re coming up short. Typically we tend to get frustrated instead of evaluate, I struggle with this all the time.  But I’ve started to consider the following three points whenever I begin to lose passion, which help me keep my purpose in the forefront of what I’m doing.

  1. Ride out the season: I’m a firm believer in seasons, and not to sound super religious, but I believe God keeps you in a season until you truly realize the reason he’s placed you there, aka, the lesson. So when things aren’t adding up, where I use to get frustrated, I’m learning to weather the storm. I trust that God is preparing me for something bigger that I may not understand. I’ve started to think of challenges as growth. Growth is the most fundamental thing in life, innately we all have to grow, even when we don’t want to. Your purpose is no different, as you grow, it too grows and evolves and needs the freedom to do so. If one day you wake up and realize what you thought was your passion isn’t anymore, accept that and build around your newfound sense of purpose. Ride out the season, whatever it is no matter how crazy it seems, evaluate the growing pains and gains of every situation. This mentality has been working wonders in my life!!! Just remember....SEASONS HAVE TO CHANGE!!!

  2. Care less about the packaging: Life is not a fairytale, things are not bundled up in this package that many people believe exists, and it does, but only in their head, not in reality. Sorry to burst your bubble but we live in the real fucking world!! So if you find yourself constantly feeling misunderstood, YOU my friend have a problem!!! I hear this phrase all the time, “no one understands or I don’t understand.” me included, until I realized I was caught up on the packaging. I’ll give you an example using this blog, at a point in time I thought, I work so hard on this blog, why hasn’t it grown as fast as others. Then what I would do is look at those “other” sites and allow what I saw, whether is was followers, partnerships, or even things I personally was unimpressed by and think, my content is way better than this. Followed by the phrase, “I just don’t understand.” Being understood is a funny thing, in order to  be understood you’ve got to understand yourself, you’ve got to know who you are. In the example I gave, I was so concerned with this “package” way of viewing people, when I should’ve been appreciating that my blog was allowing me to serve my purpose. So why did it matter what successes other people had?!? Truth be told it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I’m living in my purpose, success will come when you’re in it for the right reasons. Not because it looks good to others, so don’t compare. We are unique in what we do and will receive the blessings that were designed only for us when it’s our time to. I know it’s hard to let go of the visual with social media and all but don’t get distracted. Sometimes the most beautiful things and experiences are sent to you in disguise, not in fancy packaging!

  3. Visualize the future you: This is the most critical of the three points and here’s why. Everything and everyone in your life impacts the trail of events that is leading to your lack of passion. But the most important person to keep in mind is you, not who you are today, but who you’re going to be in the future. I continuously ask myself a series of questions; Does the company I keep champion my purpose? Does the job I have aid my purpose? Am I raising my children with purpose? Am I putting myself in situations that foster my purpose? Am I living according to my purpose? All of the answers to these questions should be yes. The future you is effected by who you are and what you do today. We all know we can’t get back time, and time is surely of the essence, if you answered no to any of these questions. At this point, I can’t say yes to all of these questions. But I’ve decided not to waste anymore time serving things that do not serve me living fully, freely, and happily within my purpose. What can you change, get rid of, or consistently do that can help you turn the corner? That’s what I ask myself and I recommend you ask yourself that too. I realize that there typically isn’t a major event that’s going to change your life, more like a lot of small changes that make a significant impact. So commit to doing those small things everyday, it’s really hard to do but it’s important to be disciplined. I personally want everyone to walk purposefully through life and believe it’s our destiny to do so. We are all created for a reason so don’t look back on your life and say what you should’ve done. Visualize the the future you, wake up everyday living as if you have already achieved who you want to be and WHEN (not if) you do, set that bar higher and higher until you’ve done and accomplished things you didn’t think was possible. Prove to you and only you there are no limits and nothing but opportunity to live YOUR BEST LIFE.

It’s not rocket science, but there is a math to it all called PURPOSE!!! Find yours and never lose your passion for it.