Life: One Month Down

One Month Down-Krystin Hargrove-One month postpartum

Hooray!!!! We’ve passed the one month mark of mommy of 2 life. Those of you who have babies know the one month mark is a milestone. It seems every conversation with the doctor is like at one month your life becomes easier in some way. If by easier they mean you’ve adjusted to sleep deprivation, accepted the fact that your boobs aren’t your own, have managed to comb your hair, and are officially done wearing adult diapers. Ok yea, one month is a milestone alright. It goes by so fast, I can’t believe it’s been over a month now. Anyway, I decided to post this here update on how things are going.

My body...humm where should I begin? I’m proudly a feeding factory! For all of you contemplating breastfeeding, I’ll say it will have your stomach flat in no time. But...*que the Empire song, drip drop, drip drippity drop* (I actually hate Empire, but love Terrence & Taraji) boobs leak constantly!! Unfortunately wearing bras make my milk jugs engorged, so I literally walk around with boob milk stains on my shirt. Don’t judge me. The hardest part of breastfeeding has been eating, I literally have to remind myself to eat, the day just gets away from me.

In other body news, My stomach is literally 3 shades darker than the rest of my body now. I don’t know if it’s just me or if anyone else has this problem. I’ve been trying to exfoliate hoping it’ll fade and return back to it’s normal color. The thought of it staying that way gives me nightmares being that my former stomach was somewhat of a prized possession. I haven’t began working out yet, but plan on starting light workouts this week. Pretty excited about that. Luckily I’ve lost most of my weight and dare I say I’m contemplating adding a few pounds back. My workout focus will be adding back muscle and toning, I’ll be posting a workout routine soon to show you guys what I’m doing.

Overall I’m extremely pleased with how my body has bounced back from this pregnancy. I heard many horror stories about having babies in your 30’s compared to your 20’s. Well I’ve had one in both decades and maybe I’m lucky, but I slimmed right back down after both. Thanks Jesus, you the real MVP!

One Month Down-Krystin Hargrove-One month postpartum

My Mind...well, when I’m not losing it, my mental is pretty on point. They give you this postpartum evaluation at your baby's one month visit. My score was high honey, felt like I aced the SAT’s! Responses: no bitch, I do not blame myself for every little thing, and I surely ain’t having no Mariah break break dooooowns (shoutout to the Butterfly album...that was my shit). I can say with high confidence I’m 100% feeling pretty damn awesome mentally. Not taking postpartum lightly, I’m just happy I’m not battling depression anymore.

I wake up everyday with a positive attitude and outlook! Yes, a newborn is stressful and having two kids is a lot more demanding than 1, but I love it. These little people mean everything to me, that’s all the motivation I need to keep myself focused. Speaking of focus, I’m so clear on my goals again and finally getting those goals back in motion. Which is actually really exciting, it’s so important to remain an individual in addition to being a mom. I’ve probably said this before but that’s what keeps you sane. The only time I lose my mind is in a good way, like shit I’m running late to get out of the house and have fun, or how the hell am I going to get all these groceries in the house with this screaming baby, or being up at 3am comforting Chase with Harper in my arms, half asleep because he’s having a bout of insomnia. All of those things cause slight loss of the mind, but in a good way, I don’t mind it. I look at myself in the mirror everyday and say, “you’re built for this baby,” then I wink and blow a kiss to myself.

My babies...I’ll keep this section short and sweet. My monkeys are the most amazing creatures on the planet. You may think your children are...but no, sorry, that title has been taken!!! Seriously though, I love my kids. Chase is so good with Harper it almost makes me want to cry. Harper is a really chill baby, she has her diva moments but she’s a happy baby. I always wonder what she dreams about because she constantly smiles in her sleep, it melts my heart. I think I’m turning into one of those annoying parents who takes a million pictures. There’s something special about siblings, like now they have each other and it’s so stinking cute.

Photography:    Ksenia

Photography: Ksenia

My oh shit moments...because it’s only right I include a few of these for kicks. I’ve been pooped on more times than I can count. I literally caught poop in my hand to save a blanket during Harper’s newborn shoot, I know her let it rip look haha. I may or may not have driven off with things sitting on top of my car, thankfully not the baby! Wearing pads is always an oh shit moment, I guess they do have a reason to exist as tampons are not an option for us vaginal delivery gals. Lastly, anyone who’s seen me in the past month and thought, oh shit what happened to her? Yes, my attire of choice is homeless, my hair looks a hot mess, and you’re lucky if I’ve brushed my teeth so don’t get too close! Cheers to being one month postpartum and becoming a mother of two, glamours isn’t it?!?!