Life: The Creation of Life

The Creation of Life-Krystin Hargrove

I don’t even know where to begin, the creation of life is such an incredible thing. Looking back over the past 9 months, the difficulties of everything I went through, to have my daughter here, healthy, and so beautiful. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude I was chosen to be her mother. January 27th, after a difficult 22 hours of labor, she came into this world so peacefully. It was at that moment I knew none of what I went through mattered. Nothing can stop her, she’s already been through a storm and came out smiling, literally. Character is built the moment you come into this world, and I am so proud of this little girl already.

The Creation of Life - Krystin Hargrove
The creation of life-Krystin Hargrove

I shot these images during my last maternity shoot. I titled this post The Creation of Life because women are the ultimate creators. Nudity is our truest form. These photos couldn't be a more perfect reflection of the time I spent creating my babygirl. I felt stripped of everything, I got up everyday feeling naked and exposed wondering why I was going through such challenging things at a time I should feel nothing but bliss and excitement? Experiences have a way of teaching us things in ways we best receive them. Don’t they say something like experience is your greatest teacher? From feeling stripped down physically and emotionally during pregnancy, to these images bearing my body and the life I’m creating inside it, to birthing her and feeling her warm flesh against mine, there's vulnerability in revealing yourself. Not only that, there is a certain confidence and power that comes along with being bare. What an experience, with such a beautiful ending and so many great things to come in the future for Harper and Chase. He’s already warming up to being big brother!

I can’t quite put it into words at the moment because I’m still taking it all in. But I want to thank the amazing team of people who contributed to these images. Thank you so much for capturing me and babygirl in our natural element. xx

Photographer: Xingni

Retoucher: Ksenia

Makeup: YaniNikita