Krystin Hargrove - Be Loud Be You

A few weeks ago I visited my niece in Boston. It was my first time traveling there, I’ve heard so many mixed reviews about what Boston is like so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was very curious to visit. The people there were extremely friendly, Harper was stealing hearts all over Beantown lol.  Chase didn’t join us this trip but we’re definitely gonna head back in the spring to check out the sights we missed this time around.

It brought me back to my college days, to be young again. It’s funny looking back now and seeing my little independent niece with her set schedules and such. Thank God for sports, that’s the only way I survived college and was able to be disciplined. Naturally not a strong quality of mine because I’m all over the place. But my niece is such a little woman now, so smart and focused, I’m a proud auntie! Even though we got on her nerves and she was mean to me about 50% of our trip I still love her. She’s kinda OCD (in a good way) LOVE YOU ARI-BOO, I know you’re reading this/better be.

I traveled with my sisters which could end up one of two ways, us hating each other or getting along. It’s a gamble haha, those of you with sisters know what I mean. And what do you know, we didn’t end up killing each other…GO US!! We shopped more than I wanted to but I was proud I had the discipline to keep my budget tight. These businesses don’t quite pay for themselves so until they do, ya girl is like nah I’m good on the shopping. In every store I’m like 10 dollas, good lawd that’s a lot of money (name that line…) I’m so use to secondhand shopping and thirfting that retail prices literally shock me. I just can’t justify spending money on things I know I can get for way cheaper. So that’s that.

Krystin Hargrove - Be Loud Be You

Boston is so beautiful, literally every corner is a photo opp. Coming back to Maryland I’m like yea it’s super cookie cutter here but it’s home. We took some family pictures that came out really amazing, so yes to my sisters idea to do that. We hit up a wax museum which was a lot of fun too! Family is everything like they say “we all we got.” But us getting together and creating these memories for my niece and for us is what life’s all about. My family is nuts but we are good about getting together, it was a really great trip. Dare I say my sisters and I need to travel more? Baby steps haha but seriously now that we’re older we probably will.

I’m sure I’m creating a monster with Harp, Chase rarely lets me take pictures of him, when he does he’s either making a funny or really serious face. I can only imagine the diva Harper will be, she already loves the camera. She smiles pretty much on demand too which is too funny. My kids have really beautiful spirits, not saying that because I’m their mom, I’d just keep quiet if I didn’t think so LOL. Anyway, this building was too beautiful not to snap a few pics so that’s exactly what we did.

Krystin Hargrove - Be Loud Be You

All in all Boston was great.